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The Dutch Grammar Podcast
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The Dutch Grammar Podcast lets you listen to Dutch native speakers talking about everyday's things while you can read the transcription at the same time.

Mon, March 16, 2009 .:. Voices: web linkEetSmakelijk and Joke

Today we will learn a very important phrase. This phrase is "How are you?" [duration: 1 min 22 sec]

Sun, July 27, 2008 .:. Voices: web linkEetSmakelijk and Joke

Alles over 'dank je wel' en 'alsjeblieft'. Hoe zeg je dit tegen je vrienden? Hoe zeg je dit beleefd? Joke en EetSmakelijk leggen het uit. Hoor het in Schatkist #2! [duration: 2 min 15 sec]

Sun, June 15, 2008 .:. Voices: web linkEetSmakelijk and Joke

I am not going to use the word 'podcast summer breaks' anymore; last year, broadcasting on a regular basis seemed to be too ambitious a project. Joke and EetSmakelijk thought it was about time we got on with the podcast and created a new show: De Schatkist, episode #1 in what will hopefully become a whole series of Schatkisten! If the previous shows were a bit too hard to follow: This one is for beginners. [duration: 2 min 15 sec]

Tue, 14 Aug 2007 .:. Voices: web linkEetSmakelijk and Joke

Due to a long 'podcast summer break', it has been a long time since we added a new show to our podcast. EetSmakelijk decided we should not keep you waiting any longer and so she wrote a wonderful story about the missing letter 'n'. While you are reading and listening to the story, bear in mind that she only took up learning Dutch two years ago. If this is not encouraging to all you Dutch learners, I don't know what is! [duration: 10 min 23 sec]

Sat, 21 Apr 2007 .:. Voices: Dora, EetSmakelijk, Janeera, Jeff, Singerin, and Tom

Today's show is brought to you exclusively by non-native Dutch speakers. Coming from different countries, different continents even, a group of forum members managed to create a Dutch Grammar Radio Show full of entertainment: Two acts of the play Jane Eyre by Charlotte BrontE, Dutch Grammar Rock, Dutch commercials, and all in Dutch! I am not going to waste any more space praising this fantastic show, just go and see (listen) for yourself! [duration: 13 min 27 sec]

Mon, 19 Feb 2007 .:. Voices: EetSmakelijk, Ann, Bieneke, and Joke

Er zijn inmiddels ruim twee maanden verstreken sinds de vorige podcast. Hoog tijd voor een nieuwe aflevering! Vandaag ga je luisteren naar een gedicht, geschreven en voorgedragen door onze enige, echte EetSmakelijk uit Canada. An De Potter van het Taleninstituut Open Context in Brussel leest ook een gedicht voor. We hebben ook iets nieuws. Vanaf nu ga je in elke aflevering luisteren naar een Nederlands spreekwoord. Dit was een idee van ons forumlid Dora. Het is de bedoeling dat...[duration: 9 min 16 sec]

Sat, 1 Dec 2006 .:. Voices: EetSmakelijk, Bieneke, and Joke

It has been three weeks since the last podcast - sorry to keep you waiting! Today's podcast is all about Saint Nicholas because he has been in the country for two weeks already. Or better: in the countries, as he is in Belgium and the Netherlands. How does he do it. I am going to tell you something about the background of Black Pete, the servant of Saint Nicholas. Then, we will conclude the podcast with a contribution by Joke. But first, we are going to listen to a Saint Nicholas song by EetSmakelijk. If you think the sound of my voice is a bit muffled, blame my new microphone! I am going to get another one before the next podcast. [duration: 9 min 01 sec]

Sun, 12 Nov 2006 .:. Voices: Voices: Tom, Ann, Joke, Bieneke, and EetSmakelijk

Because Bieneke's rabbit bit through the cord of her microphone, Tom is your host in this episode. Listen to Flemish sentences by Ann De Potter (a teacher of Dutch at Open Context, Brussels), see if you can hear the difference in pronunciation between Flemish Ann and Dutch Joke when they are counting till ten, hear Bieneke producing 'g' and 'h' sounds, and enjoy another beautiful song by EetSmakelijk. [duration: 5 min 47 sec]

Sun, 29 Oct 2006 .:. Voices: Voices: Joke, Bieneke, and EetSmakelijk (song)

Today, we will have a slightly different episode. Someone on the forum asked whether it would be possible to add more basic exercises to the podcast.. Well, forum members, your wish is our command so in no time, Joke recorded a few pronunciation drills. She will give you examples of long and short vowels and she will also count from one to twenty in Dutch. Well, if that is not basic I don't know what is! But that's not all you'll be listening to today. If you are practicing your Dutch G, you should not miss that EetSmakelijk is going to sing for you. EetSmakelijk made her debut in the podcast a couple of weeks ago and she has proved to be an expert in the Dutch G-sound. Quite impressive for a Canadian! [duration: 7 min 15 sec]

Sun, 15 Oct 2006 .:. Voices: Voices: Joke en Bieneke

Two weeks ago, you could listen to a short story about a mysterious heroine called Harriet. That story was written by five non-native Dutch speakers and as you will hear today, they really got the hang because they decided to write a continuation to the story, or well... continuation.. in today's episode you will learn something about Harriet's background and where she got her magical powers from. [duration: 7 min 14 sec]

Sat, 7 Oct 2006 .:. Voices: EetSmakelijk (song) en Bieneke

Today, we will be talking about holidays, or 'feestdagen' as we call them in Dutch. The idea came from a member on our forum, who sent me a Dutch Christmas song that she recorded herself! Now, this is the kind of spirit -and courage- that I can only admire so we decided to add it to today's show. I do realize we are only in October so to make the song fit into the rest of this episode, I am going to tell you something about the Dutch public holidays. We will conclude this show with the Dutch version of 'Jingle Bells' by our very own forum member EetSmakelijk. [duration: 9 min 12 sec]

Sat, 30 Sep 2006 .:. Voices: Joke en Bieneke

The story you will be listening to was written by five people on our Dutch Grammar Forum. Quite an achievement as none of them are native Dutch speakers! If you were ever looking for your dog in the park, you could only wish there would a person like Harriet to help you out... [duration: 5 min 34 sec]

Sat, 23 Sep 2006 .:. Voices: Esselien en Bieneke

Have you ever called an employer to apply for a job? Well, most of you probably have. Now imagine you have to do it in Dutch! This is exactly what Eva Klok will be doing today. She has just finished her course to become a doctor's assistant and now she is hoping to be invited for a job interview. [duration: 5 min 24 sec]

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